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Strapless Leotard

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The Strapless Leotard gives you a sense of freedom and a sultry yet cute aura that everyone is sure to love. This item is built just like our traditonal leotard, but we made it strapless exposing the shoulders for a sassy look. Our Strapless Leotard is avaible in 200+ colors, 5 fabrics and like all our dancewear it's hand made in the USA! Pick your favorite color (which with 200+ colors we probably have) and we promise you will be happy with your dancewear.

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Strapless Leotard (Lycra) Strapless Leotard (Cotton) Strapless Leotard (Shiny Lycra)
Strapless Leotard (Lycra)
Reg.: $35.00
Sale Price: $29.99
Strapless Leotard (Cotton)
Reg.: $35.00
Sale Price: $29.99
Strapless Leotard (Shiny Lycra)
Reg.: $35.00
Sale Price: $29.99
Our Leotard made in lycra.   Lycra is the most commonly used fabric for all styles of dance, extremely stretchy with a low sheen and available in 77 distinct colors.  With a perfect shade to precisely match every theme, convey every mood, and express any style of dance. Our Leotard made in cotton.   Cotton is breathable, with an organic visual appeal, and just a hint of lycra to make it soft and flexible. Perfect for any dance with a relaxed natural feel. Our Leotard made in Shiny lycra.   Shiny Lycra is both sturdy and soft, with a glistening shine and the perfect thickness to express every emotion.  Thirty five unique colors that will help you to shimmer and shine on stage, well giving you complete freedom of movement.
Strapless Leotard (Velvet) Strapless Leotard (Holographic)
Strapless Leotard (Velvet)
Reg.: $39.00
Sale Price: $32.99
Strapless Leotard (Holographic)
Reg.: $46.00
Sale Price: $37.99
Our Leotard(Velvet) made in velvet.   Velvet is rich with a deep plush texture that is visible on stage, velvet is as elegant as it is soft and comfortable.  Velvet will work well with any style of dance, and gives your performance a luxurious noble impression. Our Leotard made in holographic.   Holographic is a dazzling light catching experience, that will steal the show and make every moment your on stage shine.  With 36 colors to choose from there is a multidimensional holographic fabric that is perfect for you.