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We have 5 different styles of dance pants, all of which come in over 200+ colors. The five styles we have include capri pants, jazz pants, wide leg dance pants, high waist dance pants and dance leggings. Capri pants are similar to regular leggings, but they stop just below the knee showing off your beautiful dance calves. Our Jazz pants have a traditional style that gives symmetry to the body; they give the casual feel that has become standard dancewear for every occasion. Our Wide Leg Pants are a more conservative pant style, which will still add a dash of dazzle to your dance costume. The design of our High Waist Dance Pants gives balance and symmetry to your body, giving style and grace to your dance and of course it sports a higher waist which can be folded down. Dance Leggings hug every contour of your body, showing the flow and elegance of your legs.