Featured Dancewear

High Waisted Dance Briefs
Reg. $24.00
Sale Price: $19.99

Circle Dance Skirt (Lycra)
Reg. $35.00
Sale Price: $28.99

High Waist Dance Shorts (Lycra)

Reg. $27.00
Sale Price: $22.99

Jazz Pants (Lycra)
Reg. $38.00
Sale Price: $31.99

Booty Short (Lycra)
Reg. $25.00
Sale Price: $19.99

Long V Glove (Mesh)

Reg. $16.00
Sale Price: $13.99

High Waist Dance Pants (Shiny Lycra)

Reg. $38.00
Sale Price: $33.99

Dance Sports Bra (Cotton)

Reg. $25.00
Sale Price: $23.99

B Dancewear -

All the dance clothing at BDancewear.com is handmade in the USA, from premium fabrics, and every item is available in 200+ colors! We put a lot of love into everything we make, and we know it’s the highest quality out there because we make it by hand. We are not just another online discount dancewear store acting as a middleman, we only sell dance clothing that you will be proud to wear. When you purchase dancewear from us, it is made from a pattern that Cyndi the owner of BDancewear.com has spent 20+ years honing in and making sure it will not just look great on stage but will fit you in just that special way a piece of dance clothing should.

Dancers of the Month

Dancer of the MonthCelinne Lyons - Our July Dancer of the Month

Our Dancer of the Month for the month of July is Celinne Lyons. Celinne is 17 years old and a senior in high school on Long Island, New York. Over the next few months, Celinne will be making a decision on where she will be headed after graduation. Obviously, this is a really big decision and will take a lot of thought. Celinne can be funny at times, a good friend and a good listener. She cares a lot about the people in her life and her family. She loves to travel and draw.
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Dancer of the MonthMalani Kersting - Our June Dancer of the Month

Fun-loving and thoughtful is a good description of Malani Kersting, our Dancer of the Month for the month of June. Malani enjoys spending time with her friends and family, and just loves everything Disney! She has a great family, including her parents and her younger brother, Brody. Some of Malani’s favorite things to do at home are
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Dance Studio of the Month

Dancer of the MonthDivas of Olive Branch - Our August Dance Studio of the Month

“Divine Inspired Victorious and Annointed! That is the sheer essence of a DIVA!” The Divas of Olive Branch is an award winning dance team from Mississippi that is Creative, Transformative, and Inspiring. They take a lot of time to make sure that what they present each season is entertaining for all different ages.
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