Featured Dancewear

High Waisted Dance Briefs
Reg. $24.00
Sale Price: $19.99

Circle Dance Skirt (Lycra)
Reg. $35.00
Sale Price: $28.99

High Waist Dance Shorts (Lycra)

Reg. $27.00
Sale Price: $22.99

Jazz Pants (Lycra)
Reg. $38.00
Sale Price: $31.99

Booty Short (Lycra)
Reg. $25.00
Sale Price: $19.99

Long V Glove (Mesh)

Reg. $16.00
Sale Price: $13.99

High Waist Dance Pants (Shiny Lycra)

Reg. $38.00
Sale Price: $33.99

Dance Sports Bra (Cotton)

Reg. $25.00
Sale Price: $23.99

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All the dance clothing at BDancewear.com is handmade in the USA, from premium fabrics, and every item is available in 200+ colors! We put a lot of love into everything we make, and we know it’s the highest quality out there because we make it by hand. We are not just another online discount dancewear store acting as a middleman, we only sell dance clothing that you will be proud to wear. When you purchase dancewear from us, it is made from a pattern that Cyndi the owner of BDancewear.com has spent 20+ years honing in and making sure it will not just look great on stage but will fit you in just that special way a piece of dance clothing should.

Dancers of the Month

Alexandra McQuillen - Our August Dancer of the Month

Dancer of the MonthAlexandra McQuillen has been chosen as Bailar Dancewear’s Dancer of the Month for August. She describes herself as a very driven and motivated person. She sets goals for herself and does whatever she can to achieve them. Alexandra wants to be the best possible version of herself, through both her dancing career and her everyday life. She loves to experience new things, even if she may be uncomfortable at first.Alexandra says her dance career began when her mom put her in a ballet class at the age of three. She fell in love with it and has not stopped since. She says her happiest moment related to dance would have to be at a dance competition where she performed a solo titled A Postcard to Henry Purcell choreographed by her teacher, Jaclyn Gailit-Lutz. That same day, Alexandra landed wrong on her foot during classes and she thought she would not be able to perform. She pushed through her solo, and actually won 3rd place. She said it was a really difficult category that day, so she was pretty excited. Alexandra said it helped her realize she can beat any obstacle. Click here to read more.

Liv Horinouchi - Our July Dancer of the Month

August Dancer of the Month Liv started dancing when her parents had her take a trial class when she was around four years old. From that point, she decided that she loved dancing and wanted to pursue it! Liv’s happiest moments related to dance are whenever she steps off stage and feels her heart beating fast. That is when she really connects to the dance and the story she is trying to tell. She says it is a mind, body, and soul experience! Something Liv has always wanted to do was live her life as an actress, dancer, and performer – and she is doing it! :) Liv says her experience buying from BDancewear was great! Her mom bought her a red skirt for her competition solo which was choreographed by her brother. They used it as a part of her costume. She says it was super cute, comfortable, and looked great on stage. Click here to read more.