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Circle Dance Skirt (Lycra) Halter Bra (Holographic) Long V Glove (Mesh) Jazz Pants (Lycra)
Circle Dance Skirt (Lycra)
Reg. $35.00
Sale Price: $26.99
Halter Bra (Holographic)
Reg. $30.00
Sale Price: $22.99
Long V Glove (Mesh)
Reg. $16.00
Sale Price: $11.99
Jazz Pants (Lycra)
Reg. $38.00
Sale Price: $28.99
Booty Short (Lycra) High Waist Dance Shorts (Lycra) High Waist Dance Pants (Shiny Lycra) Dance Sports Bra (Cotton)
Booty Short (Lycra)
Reg. $25.00
Sale Price: $17.99
High Waist Dance Shorts (Lycra)
Reg. $27.00
Sale Price: $19.99
High Waist Dance Pants (Shiny Lycra)
Reg. $38.00
Sale Price: $28.99
Dance Sports Bra (Cotton)
Reg. $25.00
Sale Price: $18.99

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All the dance clothing at is handmade in the USA, from premium fabrics, and every item is available in 200+ colors! We put a lot of love into everything we make, and we know it’s the highest quality out there because we make it by hand. We are not just another online discount dancewear store acting as a middleman, we only sell dance clothing that you will be proud to wear. When you purchase dancewear from us, it is made from a pattern that Cyndi the owner of has spent 20+ years honing in and making sure it will not just look great on stage but will fit you in just that special way a piece of dance clothing should.

Dancers of the Month

Ashley Beck - Our October Dancer of the Month

October Dancer of the Month

Our next Dancer of the Month is Ashley Beck from the state of Georgia. Ashley studies dance at CK Danceworks in the city of Dallas, Georgia. Her family consists of two very supportive parents and a brother, Daniel. She is 12 years old, very motivated and hard working, yet still very fun loving. She loves her pets, a cat named Winnie and their new pet, a dog named Archer. Her favorite colors are lime green, purple and pink. Ashley considers herself a true “girly girl” who loves shopping and getting her nails done.

Ashley is actually a very well-rounded girl and is involved in many activities. For instance, she enjoys school where she maintains an A/B average. Additionally, she is an active member of the Junior Beta Club and is also working towards earning her Silver Award as a Cadette in Girl Scouts. Of course, let’s not forget all the time she spends happily dancing away whether in classes, rehearsing or performing. Ashley says she loves her dance family at CK Danceworks where she believes she dances with some of the most amazing and talented girls she knows.

She has always wanted to dance and actually started dancing when she was very young. According to her mom, at 12 months of age Ashley danced in front of the TV whenever she had the chance. When she turned two, her mom asked her if she wanted to dance and “play dress-up.” Of course, Ashley said, “Yes.” She has been happily dancing ever since. Currently, Ashley takes lessons in every style of dance – jazz, contemporary, tap, ballet, pointe, and hip-hop. Click here to read more.

Tyler Bailey - Our September Dancer of the Month

September Dancer of the Month

Our Dancer of the Month of September is Tyler Bailey. Tyler is 12 years old and in the 7th Grade. Not only is she Our Dancer of the Month for the month of September, but she maintains a 4.0 GPA. She is “really tall,” really loud, outgoing and smiles a lot. Tyler loves being around her biological family and around her dance family at Concepts of Motivation. She presently dances at Concepts of Motivation Dance Company under Onley Dance Studio. Also, she is an artist and loves to draw. Japanese culture is something that really appeals to her.

She was first drawn to dancing when she was little. She was completely in love with the movie remake of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. After every incident, the little men would come out and perform a song and dance routine. Tyler had just turned four and she watched it so much that she learned the choreography. She remembers instructing her older brothers what to do because they weren’t getting it right. Her mother had videotaped it all and after her mom played back the recording, her Mom said “That’s it! You’re going into dance.” Tyler has been dancing ever since. Click here to read more