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7 Types Of Bows And Flowers To Add To Your Dance Costume

  1. Making A Simple Bow
  2. Making An Eight Loop Bow
  3. Making a Bow With Lace and Tulle
  4. Making a Puffy Bow
  5. Making A Flower Out Of Fabric Petals
  6. Creating a Simple Flower Out Of Fabric
  7. Creating a Traditional Rusched Flower

We are going to show you seven ways that you can make bows and flowers. This is a great way to add a little extra to your dance costume creating the perfect cherry on top of an already great costume.

The first way you can create a bow is with lace and tulle. This is a fantastic method to add some softness and three dimension to your costume.

The next bow is an excellent little simple bow that works in your hair or it works on your costume.

Another style of bow is the eight-loop bow. It is a great bow if you want something with a lot of punch and is simple to do.

Next, we have the puffy bow. This bow is perfect if you want to make your costume really sassy but is super easy to make.

A unique addition to your costume would be a ruched flower. This is one of our favorite bows to make because it can give your costume a little elegance and a little softness. The flowers are beautiful when you put them together in a bunch.

The next flower is a simple flower. The reason you might want to make this flower is because the movement of the flower will bring the attention to wherever you place it on your costume directing the judges’ attention to the spot you want them to look at.

The last flower we are going to show you how to make for your dance costume uses simple fabric petals to make. It is a lot like our simple flower but is a lot more three dimensional. It is a little more intricate but it is a great flower to bring a lot of attention to wherever you want the judges to focus.

Creating a Bow with Lace and Tulle

To fashion a bow using Lace and Tulle creates a great three dimensional look bringing lots of color and softness to the costume. It is a great look on the back of the skirt or the front of the top.

Making a Simple Bow

We are now going to show you how to make a simple, little bow. It is the perfect look if you want something in your hair or just a little decoration for your costume to create a little three dimensional look.

Making an Eight Loop Bow

The eight loop bow is great if you want a little tiny something somewhere with a lot of punch for a small amount of work

Making a Puffy Bow

The Puffy Bow is a really popular bow that we have produced for a lot of costumes.

Making a Traditional Ruched Flower The traditional ruched flower is not only great for costumes but also for dresses. You might want to make a ruched flower because it gives your costume a little bit of softness, it is super easy to do and it will just make your costume amazing.

Making a Simple Flower Out of Fabric

This flower is just what it is called – simple. The main reason you might want to use this flower is that is not as tight and moves a lot and shows a lot of movement in your dancing. If you put it by your face or any other place you might want to call attention to, this is a great little flower for that.

Making a Flower Out of Fabric Petals

Here we are going to show you how to make a flower using fabric petals. It is a lot like the Simple Flower. It is a little more intricate, fluffier and a lot more fully dimensional when it is moving. It is a great flower to add to your costume to attract the judge’s attention.