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Using A Broach to Add Pieces of Fabric to A Dance Costume

This next technique will show you how to add fabric using a broach and completely change the look of the costume you have. It gives a little more flow and movement and it is a beautiful piece for a lyrical dance. For this example, we used the high-low skirt which has a little more dramatic flair when we use the broach to gather it up.


1. Skirt
2. Broach
3. Thread to match top
4. Scissors


1. Choosing a Broach or Hair Clip

Again, you want to use the same criteria for choosing a broach or a hair clip as you do for the first technique, Adding a Broach to a Top. However, keep in mind that the broach will be going through several layers of fabric so you probably won’t want a small broach.

2. Choosing and cutting the Material

It is important to use mesh, lycra or another material that does not fray. You can cut straight strips or you could use a spiral cut. The spiral cut is very pretty and dramatic. To start with you cut a circle and then start cutting in a spiral from the edge of the circle until you reach the center. Make sure that the strips are slightly staggered in length.

3. Placing the Fabric Strips and the Broach

 1. Starting at one end of the strips, place the ends on top of each other with the ends even. Make sure that the strips are placed together graduated with the longest on the
 bottom and the shortest on the top. Using the broach, attach the strips just below the waistband of the skirt and where the skirt is shortest. Remember, we are using the high-
 low skirt here.

 2. There are a few other things you can do using that same idea. The high-low skirt has an overlapping opening where the skirt is the shortest. In this next technique, fan open
 the skirt so that the overlapping pieces are folded open. Then, using the broach pin the fabric strips just like described in the previous paragraph. This method gives it a little
 more dramatic effect and when the dancer kicks her leg it will open up.

 3. Another method would be to just take the overlapping pieces of the skirt and twist them around a little and then pin the broach through these layers of material. In this
 method you are not adding any material but it still really changes the look of the skirt.