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Angle Skirt

The angle skirt provides dramatic flair to your dance performance. This skirt is cut at an angle to expose more leg on one side, and comes down to just above the knee on the other side. The angle skirt can be pinned up higher on the short side to give extra pizzazz to your dance performance.

Straight Skirt

The straight skirt fits to your body giving a sophisticated look, while maintaining a short and sassy feel. Our skirt comes just far enough down to insure coverage, while also fitting closely to the body. With a comfort waistband and slits in the side, you will stay comfortable throughout your dance performance.

Circle Skirt

The circle skirt is a short and sassy skirt that is circular around its base giving your dance flow, and movement throughout. Perfect for rally, lyrical or any style of dance where movement and flow is desired to perfect the performance. The circle skirt can be worn by its self or you can place a petty coat or tutu underneath it for added fullness. If you’re looking for a layered look you can place multiple skirts on top of one another to add more dimension to your costume.