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How To Use a Broach for Ruching

Now we are going to discuss a technique where you use a broach or hair clip to create some ruching for a skirt or a top. It is a great look to give you clean lines, show a little bit of the dancer’s leg when used on a skirt. When used on a top, it will draw your attention to the face.


Top or skirt
A Broach or a Hair Clip
Thread to match top


1. Choosing a Broach or Hair Clip

When choosing a broach or hair clip, you pretty much follow the instructions and have the same considerations as you would in Adding a Broach to a Top in the previous section. One extra thing to consider is that when you are using a broach or hair clip for ruching on a skirt, you need a fairly good size broach or hair clip because you will be gathering material with the broach or hair clip. That is not as important when working with a top because the amount of material is limited.

2. Placing the Broach or Hair Clip

This works particularly well with a circle skirt because it has lots of flow and movement. You can easily ruch it up and not have it pull tight on the other side. You want to be careful when you decide where to ruch the skirt up. You do not want to place it in the center because you will just end up with an unflattering crotch shot. You want to determine which leg you use for most of your kicks and put the broach or hair clip on that side of the skirt. Once you have determined which side of the skirt to put the broach, you may want to play with it a little to decide exactly where to place the broach for it to be the most flattering. Next you are going to take the skirt and find a line that goes from the hem straight up to the point exactly where you want to place the broach. From that spot on the hem of the skirt, you will insert the sharp, pointed end of the broach into the hem of the skirt and then weave it in and out of the material up the imaginary line to the point where you want the broach to end up. Then bring the sharp, pointed side of the pin to the front and fasten the broach shut.

When working with a top such as a sports bra, don’t start weaving the broach at the very bottom of the sports bra because it will give the top a funny look. The first step would be to find the center of the top horizontally and then find the mid point between the bottom of the sports bra and the neckline of the sports bra. Place the pin of the broach at that point and start weaving the pin portion of the broach in and out up in a straight, vertical line until you reach the neckline. At that point, fasten the broach shut.

3. Securing the Broach or Hair Clip

You have the same concerns here as with Adding a Broach to a Top in the paragraph before. You need to smash the broach or hair clip and you should tack it down.

Ruching with a broach creates a unique look that looks expensive but really isn’t. Also, it is very easy.

Whatever method you use, have fun with it and enjoy using the broaches.

You can see how the uses of a simple broach and pieces of material can really change a classic skirt.