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Convertible Bra

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Our Convertible Bra can be worn in over 12 unique and exciting ways, making the bra both versatile and stylish. It has two long straps that you can tie together in different ways making it so that you can wear this bra as many different ways as your imagination will allow. The Convertible bra is available in 5 different fabrics and 200+ different colors, which means you have a lot of options, but one choice you will never regret is choosing this bra.

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Convertible Bra (Spandex) Convertible Bra (Spandex)

Our Sports Bra made in lycra.   Lycra is the most commonly used fabric for all styles of dance, extremely stretchy with a low sheen and available in 77 distinct colors.  With a perfect shade to precisely match every theme, convey every mood, and express any style of dance.

Reg.: $49.00
Sale Price: $38.99