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3 Ways to Improve Your Dance Costume With Broaches

  1. Adding a Broach to a Top
  2. How To Use a Broach for Ruching
  3. Using A Broach to Add Pieces of Fabric to A Dance Costume

We are going to be sharing three ways to improve and completely change your dance costume using a simple broach. These are great ways to add a broach or a simple hair clip using it like a broach and adding it to a dance top or skirt.

The first way is just a quick, little fix to bring a little bling to your top and you are ready to go.

Another way you can use it is when adding pieces of fabric to a skirt. You can use the broach to clasp the strips of fabric onto the skirt giving it a unique look. It is great for lyrical dancing giving it a little extra movement and play.

The last way you can use a broach is to ruche up either a skirt or a top.

It is a great look if you want to show a little bit of leg and it gives it a lot of pizzazz just by that simple little broach.

Adding a Broach to a Top

This is a technique to completely change the look of your dance top just using a broach or a hair clip.

Using a Broach to Add Pieces of Fabric to a Dance Costume

This next technique will show you how to add fabric using a broach and completely change the look of the costume you have. It gives a little more flow and movement and it is a beautiful piece for a lyrical dance. For this example, we used the high-low skirt which has a little more dramatic flair when we use the broach to gather it up.

Using a Broach for Ruching

Now we are going to discuss a technique where you use a broach or hair clip to create some ruching for a skirt or a top. It is a great look to give you clean lines, show a little bit of the dancer’s leg when used on a skirt. When used on a top, it will draw your attention to the face.