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7 Ways to add Boas and Feathers to Your Dance Costume

  1. Making a Skirt Using Boas Vertically
  2. Using Boas as Trim In A Skirt
  3. Using Boas Horizontally For A Dance Costume
  4. Adding Strips of Feathers to a Top
  5. Adding a Boa to a Shrug or Gloves
  6. Using Loose Feathers for a Dance Costume
  7. Using a Boa Diagonally For A Dance Costume

We are going to show you seven ways to use boas and feathers to create a special looking costume.

First, we are going to create a real simple little skirt with lots of bounce and movement. It will really add to the dance.

Next, we will show you how to use a boa as a trim on the bottom of the skirt and sew it so that it stays attached. The reason you would want to use something like this is that it gives it a different look with some bounce, some creativity and when the girl dances it gives it a really special flow.

The next method of using boas, is to use them diagonally. It is a great way to cover up belly buttons. It is simple. It is uncommon. It gives lots of texture.

In the fourth method, we are going to show you how to use strips of feathers to a top to create an exclusive look. It is a great look if you want to create something with a very earthy, very tribal feel to it.

Another method is to use feathers or boas on gloves or on a shrug. A fatter one gives it a nice tribal look and the smaller boa gives it a nice, cutesy look.

Loose feathers can be used up near the shoulder to bring the focus up near the face. This method is great if you want to keep clean lines but just want a little something to add to the costume.

Last, we will show you how to use boas or feathers horizontally at the hips on a pair of briefs. It is a really cute look that keeps the lines clean but still creates a very uncommon look.
Create a Skirt with Vertical Boas

With this first method, we are going to create a skirt by placing boas vertically from dance shorts. The reason you would want to do this is that it creates a nice skirt with lots of movement.

Using Boas as Trim on a Skirt

Adding boas to the bottom of the skirt will give it a very individual, cutesy, bouncy effect. If that is what you are looking for, then this is the skirt for you.

Using Boas Diagonally on Your Dance Costume

This method creates a distinctive look that gives a little extra texture and at the same time appears to cover a little more of the dancer’s body. This look is a little more demure yet dramatic. You might use this method if you wanted to cover your belly button and if you wanted to give your dance texture. It is a simple, simple way to use a boa.

Adding Strips of Feathers to a Top

This method gives a great tribal look. So, if you are looking for something with a little bit of different and interesting texture, this may be the look for you.

Adding Boas to a Shrug or Gloves

Adding boas to a shrug or gloves gives it a tribal or cutesy feel depending on the boa that you use.

Using Loose Feathers on Your Dance Costume

Using loose feathers up on your shoulder creates a very different look. It is the perfect look if you want to have a cute little decoration that brings the focus up to your face yet still keeping your costume nice and simple. When you want the focus on you but do not want a plain bra and shorts, this is the perfect technique.

Using Boas Horizontally to Create a Dance Costume

Placing boas horizontally at the hip gives a totally different look. It gives a cute little flair to the costume like no other can and yet keeps the clean lines of the dancer.