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4 Ways To Change The Hemline Of Your Dance Skirt

  1. Creating Square Cut Skirt
  2. How to Layer Skirts
  3. How to Create a Bustle on a Skirt
  4. How to Create an Angle Cut Dance Skirt

We will show you four ways to change the hemline of your dance skirt. They are are great ways to bring attention to your legs when you are dancing and they will give you a unique look that no one else will have at your competition.

One of our favorite ways to change the hemline of a skirt is to create a square cut on the bottom. As you can see on our sample, it gives you small points on the hemline. This is great if you want the look of a short skirt but actually have more coverage.

The next way you can change the hemline is by creating an angled look. You can use it with or without a skirt underneath. This is a great technique if you want a little more texture but not a lot of coverage.

Another way to change the hemline of your skirt is by creating a bustle. One reason where you might want to do this is if you want a kind of Victorian look. This would be perfect for that.

Creating a Square Cut Hem

First you will need to start off with a circular skirt. The length will be up to you but a shorter skirt will give you a more dramatic effect.

Creating an Angle Cut Dance Skirt

Here we are going to show you how to create an angle cut skirt. This is great if you want a layered look but you do not want a lot of extra fabric. This is the perfect technique to use.

How to Layer Skirts

This method gives you a wide variety of choices. You have the choice of lengths and colors. The lengths could be three staggered lengths, two different lengths or all one length. The color choices give you similar choices. It all depends on the look you are trying to achieve.

Creating a Bustle

This is a simple, easy way to take some basic dance pieces and turn them into a costume. You can create big bustles or little bustles. The usual practice is to put a larger bustle in the bag and a couple of smaller bustles in the front. This is a great technique if you want to introduce a little Victorian feel to your costume..